20 April 2021
Xcelsus Audio XUSX68
20 April 2021

Xcelsus Audio XUST30W


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The XUST30W Ultra SQL Series is a tweeter with a 30 mm textile dome mounted in an aluminium waveguide housing.

This tweeter has excellent sound properties, designed for high quality, detailed transmission at a high signal level.

It’s a remarkable construction, cast aluminum housing, strong neodymium magnet, 30mm voice coil with an integrated cooling system to easily removes heat during longer sessions.

This tweeter is the perfect match to either of our available midbass components for an uncompromising SQL (Sound Quality Loud) two-way set.

When combined with XUSM6 and XUSM8, a dedicated passive crossover XUSX68 built with quality components is available with the ability to adjust the signal level and phase for the tweeter.

So much for the technique.

How does it sound? Amazing!

You can accept a subpar subwoofer, but never a weak or harsh tweeter! The XUST30W delivers incredible detail, builds a huge soundstage and with a lightweight feel, withstands the obscene high level of signal without distortion.

Loud and good from now on are in one place!

As always the right application is also important, our experience with hundreds of installations allows us to determine that it is best for on axis configurations.

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  • Power Rating (RMS) 50 watts
  • Maximum power 100 watts
  • Frequency range 3000-22000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 98 dB
  • Resistance 4 ohm
  • Installation depth 45 mm
  • External diameter 90 mm
  • Mounting hole 70 mm