Xcelsus 220.4AB 4ch amplifier
19 April 2021
XCELSUS AUDIO XPZ6.2B component speakers
19 April 2021

XCELSUS AUDIO XP620 coaxial speakers


XP620 Coaxial Car Two-Way Speaker System, 6.5 “(165 mm) Xcelsus Primum Series



Acoustics XP620 was developed as an excellent alternative to the standard speakers of modern cars. A double tweeter with a mylar dome is used here. This made it possible to significantly improve the sound of standard systems. In real conditions, when the speaker is mounted deep behind a door or decorative panel, the installation location often negatively affects the sound, attenuating the high frequencies of a traditional coaxial speaker. The XP620 dual 16mm tweeter sounds crisp and precise and in tune with the bass speaker, giving you rich, full-fledged sound regardless of location.

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