DD Audio DM-1500
20 August 2020
20 August 2020



The DEH-X7850BT will directly connect and control your music directly from a smartphone, USB input, CD, or Auxiliary-in.

Pioneer has beefed-up Bluetooth technology, allowing you to simultaneously connect and control 2 x phones to in the car. That’s right, you can now connect 2 x phones via Bluetooth, at the same time, and enjoy hands-free phone calls or music streaming. Even better, the auto connection function automatically pairs both phones so incoming calls from either of the paired phones can be answered.

Alternatively you can directly connect your iPhone or Android smartphone via USB for music playback and charging.

Love Spotify? Well it’s now a dedicated audio source on the DEH-X7850BT menu. This is a really handy feature for those of us who love pumping a Spotify playlist in the car because the DEH-X7850BT will directly control content from the Spotify app on an iPhone (via USB or Bluetooth) or Android smartphone (via Bluetooth). No need to touch your phone; you can play, pause and skip tracks, or even browse playlists, albums and radio stations, using the control buttons on the DEH-X7850BT.

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