FROM $120.00

Head Unit Installation

Whether your radio can only get Mai FM and Talkback, or whether you're after an upgrade to CarPlay and Android Auto, a new head unit from Hotwire is the perfect option. 

We can supply a range of units to suit your needs, and can even install a unit that you've already got!

FROM $ 650.00

Bespoke Security Systems

Here at Hotwire, we like our vehicles. And we'd prefer that someone didn't come along and take them.

We're sure you feel the same, so it's time to stop putting up with faulty alarms that trigger everytime a gust of wind hits them wrong, and switch to a high-quality Vodafone Alarm system today.

FROM $ 350.00

Custom Enclosure

Do you like bass? So do we. 

We also like getting the most performance out of our subwoofers. And so should you.

Let us design and construct a tuned, professionally finished enclosure, so you too can make the most of your equipment.

FROM $ 299.00

Sound Deadening

There's nothing worse than installing all your awesome equipment, just to have the boot and doors rattling away.

Luckily this is an easy fix, and we often suggest this step while we're doing a speaker or subwoofer install to same on labour charges.

FROM $260.00

Window tinting

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Good security has many facets to it. One of the most important is minimizing the amount that a thief can see into your vehicle.

If no-one can see your bag, the chances are pretty good that it won't be stolen. Tinting also comes with the great benefit of reducing the UV that gets into the car, leaving it a lot cooler in summer.

Here's a few sneak peeks
at what we've done

Audi A4 - JBL

Our customer was dealing with a blown factory subwoofer in their audi. We retrofitted a brand new JBL Stage woofer into the factory location and mounting. Great bass with no inconvenience!

Toyota Hilux - Sony

This customer wanted an update to their ageing Hilux infotainment system but wanted to keep the factory look. We put in this Sony XAV-AX8200 that fills the same cavity as the factory screen but with awesome audio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Holden Trailblazer - Kenwood

Anyone who's had the pleasure of owning a later model Colorado or Trailblazer will know just how much they let down the rest of the driving experience. Luckily there are some options available that completely transform your infotainment area. Like this Kenwood DMX9720XDS.

Audi A3 - Focal

If the question is how do you improve a factory-fitted premium audio system, the answer has to be; Focal K2 speakers.

It was out with the old in with the new with this complete overhaul of the Audi system. It's impossible to deny the crisp highs and deep lows that these french handmade speakers can produce.