Reversing Solutions

Reversing Cameras & Monitors

A camera and monitor is the most effective way of improving safety around your vehicle. Cameras are most commonly used to cover the rear blind spot so when you put the car in reverse the camera looks at what is behind your vehicle. A range of reversing camera styles and mounting options are available. The flush mount camera fits snugly into the bumper or a bracket mount camera which is usually mounted above the number plate.

Never struggle to reverse

If you own a truck they are the perfect business tool to ensure safe driving from your team with the visual aid of A live view of behind you.

Make reversing a breeze

With a reversing camera and screen you can safely back out of your driveway or that hard to navigate parking lot.

Our range of reversing cameras & monitors

We have a wide range of products to cater for every budget.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are an affordable and effective way to improve safety around your vehicle. Whether you are going backwards or forwards there are many hazards which can cause damage to either your car or someone else’s property. And most importantly parking sensors can help detect a person or animal around the vehicle that you may not have seen. These ultrasonic sensors work by giving an escalating audible warning as you approach an object or person. A visual LED display is also available with some sets. Choose from reversing only sensors, front only sensors (great if you already have factory rear sensors and sets with both front and rear sensors.

Make parking easy

With our audible warnings and visual display solutions your parking experience easy and safe.

Our range of parking sensors

We have a wide range of solutions to cater for every budget.